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School for Children strives to safeguard the right to a happy childhood, to the development and education of Indian children.
Since 1973, the School for Children aim has been to support the greatest number of children possible coming from situations of malnutrition, illness, abandon, abuse and ill-treatment. The children involved are mostly excluded from castes or tribes, without any form of education and or apparent opportunity for a future.
School for Chldren carries out its activity in two areas:

In the state of Maharashtra

Mumbai: 38 children

In Mumbai, School for Children works in the Dharavimumbai slum slum area, considered the greatest dumping area in Asia. Here our Indian social welfare assistants follow the adopted children throughout their school career. The children, are guaranteed payment of their school fees and scholastic material, transport to reach school, as well as family aid for the child’s family.

These children have become so numerous that they go to school in shifts: those who go to school in the morning attend the School for Children programme in the afternoon and vice versa. Here our social welfare assistants and teachers check that the children do their homework and with them organize activities to increase awareness of illness, hygiene, civic educations, which the children then transmit to their own families in their own homes. This has created an improvement in the families assisted by School for Children and it has expanded also to the community which rotates around the school.

In the state of Telangana

Khammam: 340 children
Warangal: 130 children

In the Telangana region, in the provinces of Khammam and Warangal, School for Children operate offering two different types of help depending on the different contexts: in the Remedial school(a type of “boarding school”) where children in greater difficulty are hosted and where they are offered an education programme and are helped developed with board and lodgings 24 hours a day.

The choice of the "boarding school" is often due to a difficult family situation (orphaned or semi-orphaned children, extremely poor families or very numerous families where only one family member works and where the risk that the child be sent to work is very high), but now, with the experience gained over the years, it is also strongly advised that the child be helped full cycle and be educated up to highschool level. It is enough to think that often the children who are hosted in the Remedial School are put into lower level classes because the level of the state schools that they come from is much lower than their new school.

For the children who remain in the villages villages, school fees and scholastic material are guaranteed free of charge to enable them to attend like the other children. Furthermore, School for Children supervise, thanks to Indian social workers, the scholastic development of the children and monitor the family situation in which they live. The choice of the village is often due to better family conditions, which does not require the transfer of the child to the boarding school, or a special family situation where, while permitting the child to study, the family needs his daily presence at home for support.

You too can help us to change the live of one or more of them: offering aid from overseas

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