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Report of HIV/AIDS awareness Meeting for School Children

As we explained earlier in the project proposal, our main aim, to conduct awareness meeting in the diocese of Khammam, is that the Khammam district stands first in the prevalence of HIV in the entire state of Andhra Pradesh. Most of the poor people are becoming prey to dreadful diseases due to lack of health awareness, poverty and illiteracy. Once the poor are affected with HIV/AIDS they are discriminated and rejected by the family and society that result in the degradation of the patient's mental and physical health and leading to ultimately deaths.

We have divided the total project area into two different zones. The first zone covers the area of Khammam head quarters and the second zone covers the area of Bhadrachalam headquarters. Accordingly we decided to organize awareness  programmes in these two zones in two different dates and times.

We formed a group of artists, namely Kala Brundam,  to give awareness programmes in the schools through skit, dance, dramas and various art forms and organizing them as a mobile team to reach out to the remote villages and schools. This Kala Brundam consists of 6 selected children and a well-trained teacher. These children are being given training since one month. We published a two-page pamphlet and banners for dissemination of knowledge about HIV/AIDS.

Initially, this mobile team will be going to the schools to give awareness programmes, later on we will be forming health clubs in different schools. Each health club consists of children from different classes and two teachers. These trainers will be trained to conduct programmes on HIV/AIDS regarding the causes, spread and methods of prevention of the disease, especially in the villages and the schools.

We have organized a full-day meeting on 20th February, 2012 in Karuangiri, Naidupet, to create awareness on HIV/AIDS among the school children.  In advance, we sent message about this meeting to different schools and they responded positively to attend the meeting.  Nearly from 30 diocesan schools (from Naidupet, Shivaigudem, Mittapalli, Rebbavaram, Guttala Bazar, Karunagiri, Danavaigudem, Buranapuram, Madhira, Paladugu etc) children and teachers attended the meeting .

The meeting began with an informative introductory talk by His Lordship Most Rev. Maipan Paul. He explained about the need for this awareness among the children, the beckons of the future. The day’s programme covered various topics regarding HIV/AIDS. All these topics aimed at bringing awareness to prevent HIV/AIDS among young people by promoting safe and responsible behaviour in the community.


Topics dealt during the meeting:

  • awareness to communities to have compassion on AIDS affected
  • Promotion of the sanctity of the marriage
  • Awareness on condemning pre-marital sex
  • Importance of Marital Commitment
  • Psycho Social counselling to the affected and infected children
  • Training to children on the promotion of life
  • Awareness on health and nutrition

After His Lordship’s talks, the programme was led by Mr. Laxman, a teacher working in Bala Jyoti Remedial School, Naidupet, Fr. Suresh Damala, Sr. Sherly along with a student-team. Kala Brundam  presented various skits with folk songs about HIV/AIDS. The participants also actively contributed in this programme especially in the sharing sessions. All the participants were given pamphlets on various issues about HIV/AIDS. Teachers, Sisters and other volunteers from the above mentioned places, collaborated for the success of the programme.



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