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No particolar abilities are required to become a volunteer.
All that is required is your enthusiasm, hard work and strong motivation.  You can join School for Children volunteer groups already active in many cities which regularly organise meetings and initiatives to publicise our activities or to look for people interested in supporting from a distance among friends and acquaintances. Overseas adoption is the most direct and effective means of helping us.We are updating information material and guidelines for those who, in their turn,  would like to create a local group and organise fundraising events and contribute in this way to supporting our mission in defending and promoting children’s rights and the improvement of their living conditions, the development of our projects. There is also the opportunity of living a direct experience in India: our volunteers go to the project areas, twice a year, to monitor the work of the local social workers. This is a precious opportunity to discover the Indian reality, to come into contact with the children and village communities, to get to know close up how our organization works.

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