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On "Mondo e Missione "magazine  there is an interesting article on Tatikonda Rajaiah, a dalit coming from Warangal who became Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health of Telengana, the new Indian state officially established  from the state of Andhra Pradesh  on June 2 2014.
Dr. Rajaiah is considered a "posthumous compensation" of Father Augusto Colombo.



Solar panels

We are happy to inform you that in Naidupet a remedial school where at present there are 320 children studying and where many of our sponsored children live, orphan children, semi-orphan children, dropout children, poor children and children who have not enrolled their names in any school are admitted and  are given intense coaching we have built solar panels.

The major problem that they were facing in Khammam area is frequent and irregular power cuts. The power supply in the area is just for 6 to 8 hours. As there is an increasing demand of electricity and less power supply, children in the boarding home were finding it difficult to live in the darkness. Due to lack of continuous electricity, there was scarcity of water supply.

. We thought as a  solution to face this problem, to install a Solar system, which has low maintance costs and lasts longer time.


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Renovations at our school in Baiganwadi slum in Mumbai

With your help we have decided to restructure the school where the kids you are sponsoring in Mumbai attend the after-school and the recreational activities organized to help them emerge from the degradation in which they live

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Mallikamba's playground

In  Mallikamba institute over the last year there have been big improvements in both structure and organization in terms of quality and especially in the care and rehabilitation of the younger guests.
The land for the playground, has finally been cleaned up and all the rocks have been removed.
Now, hopefully with local funds, the sand will be drawn up and bought the games for the playground.

mallikamba mallikamba mallikamba mallikamba
icecream for our projects!

From 24 to 27 February 2014 , in Montichiari during the annual fair ALIMENT- fair of professional equipment for restaurants, specialized for operators-  the stand of PERSAPORI SRL which produces semi-finished products for ice cream has promoted a nice initiative for School for Children.

During all the days of the fair, visitors can make donations for our projects and PERSAPORI will give them free ice cream!

With the donations we made a bore well in the diocese of Warangal in UTF colony which will benefit 250 families and we supported a child in his studies in the diocese of Khammam!

Thank you very much for the excellent program that has brought such a valuable result!

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